Axiom MOSQUE/design as reform competition, 2nd round finalist 2010

Axiom of unity:

Islamic architecture heavily depends on engineering and aesthetic principles. ROBOTA propose an “open dome” defined only by its developing columns. Pillars, as symbols of world of religion, and significant structural elements of architecture.

At the early stages of mosque architecture, columns had been built by using the trunks of palm trees. In this proposal, similar to palm tree, each of the mosque column capitals develops upwards, without touching each other, they shelter the whole prayer hall.

There are no restrains to Masjid and its surrounds there is no roof no walls. The future mosque is open, harmonizing with nature. It unifies all concrete pillars to a dynamic hemisphere, which is complemented by natural sea reflection, to a whole. By start of day it raises with sun on the horizon, during the night it is a companion to the moon.

From the main entrance level which consist mainly of the prayer room for over 1000 visitors/men and woman are divided/ and its 360 degree surrounding promenade, we descent to the sea level. Where we find separated the men’s/women’s ablution areas with pools and restroom facilities on the mosques periphery. Adjacent to each of them are activity areas fitness + baths for men’s side and wellness for women’s side. Both parts are linked by the central library. The inner part of the ring, as well the two underground levels consist of parking area for a total amount of 440 cars.

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