PLUG-IN CARGO, fashion museum Omotesando Tokyo JA, competition 2010

In an ideal city of innovations under a perpetual change, a “coat/cargo-rack” emerges as resonance to Tange’s, Kurokawa’s, Kikutake’s metabolist city. The “PLUG IN” museum consists of several fixed exposition levels, inside an autonomous vertical self bearing structure. Its “cladding”, a basic sized 2,4/12,5m Cargo containers, self-sufficient, each with different functions of use, are free attached , to the structure.

It is not a pile/stack; the containers can be freely moved and rearranged, as variable museum content, on the tower surface.

The new museum is a modest, complex “Black tower”  dominating the cheap illuminated shop street lights. The potential of this scheme isn’t only the horizontal floor freedom; there is no limit in vertical re-arrangements and perspective growth in the future.


The future curator chooses the artist “signature” CARGO container already containing the exhibition diorama, and “ships” it directly on the museum tower. The UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD is immediate. The DIRECT FACADE reduces time, additional storage and manipulation. As a potential travelling exposition promotes the future museums worldwide interactivity. The classical museum “black box” is created by close adding of the exterior cargo containers. By their suppression or shifting, the tower interior becomes illuminated, by synchronized sculpting the exterior perception of the tower.


We propose a constant moving loop lift a “paternoster”. Moving up on the façade, prizing Tokyo’s panorama, returning on tower’s top and descending into museum “Dante’s Hell “of exhibitions. The 2006 Hitachi’s elevator prototype cars (complete with doors) operate inpairs, each with an independent-drive system that lets one car stop at a floor while the other is still moving. Each pair travels on its own within the loop, starting and stopping without interrupting the motion of the other cars. A computer monitors each car’s position and controls its speed to prevent one pair from crashing into another.


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