SPORTS BASTION, Fort Tilden Field House, competition 2010

Sports are about discipline courage and modesty, almost military conditions.

We imagine a Sports-bastion of fitness and relaxation, ready to be conquered.

The scheme is a simple “terraced roof”, driven from program constraints, where the seating area almost equalled the prescribed building program surface area.

Our proposal is a continuous loop of sport adventure, big event central plaza /soccer filed, surrounded by roofs/seating area/ covering the interior sport units, now connected into one singular entity.

The roof itself acts as an artificial multi oriented landscape, its seating area serves not only the internal central arena, but equally for all sides of its exterior, with the possibility of later development by adding new sport activities/softball, run track and others.


The orientation of the new building refers to the existing urban grid, whilst central sports arena response to an optimal N/S orientation.

The natural roof / terraces profile variation, is created by the simple tilted roof angle, and rotation of the central arena itself. As a result the building smoothly rises from and dives into the natural landscape. It fully integrates the surroundings.


The roof/seating as the only building envelop, consists of structural framing grid with variable prefabricated concrete cladding elements.

The coastal environment as the building design itself, enhances the potential of natural ventilation.

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