GEOME3/A101 Block city Moscow RU, competition 2010

the cityscape is formed by various elements, the GEOME3 proposal is a micro city arranged by almost elementar architectural geometry, present in cities worldwide.

block, slab and tower:

Square/solidity, stability, trust /, Circle/infinity, perfection, harmony/, Point /dynamism, significance for orientation/ are forming the block of the new century.

Renaissance/orthogonal/, Baroque/oblique/, Gothic/vertical/ united in the basics of new modern architecture and urbanism.

In our proposal, each corner of the block has its specific urban character, potential simple array and mirroring of the block, results into its infinite urban fabric combinations, multiplied by the height modulation.


-ground floor

is along its entire exterior facade devoted to rental shop areas and public facilities, additional storage boxes for the block inhabitants surrounding the covered parking area for more than 160 cars, a ramp for the firemen leads to the interior garden level of the both block courtyards.

-residential area

is assembled of 13 different apartment types, varying from T1/1 room apartment/ up to T4/4 room apartment/.

The lower rectangular block part is composed of combinations of T1-T2 apartment types. The middle part, the circular slab, is conceived by combinations of higher standard mostly T3 apartments, the tower as the most exclusive part consist generally of the T4 apartment category. The total number of apartments is 363.


is mainly used to sport activities, the rectangular roof top as an open swimming pool on its slim plane, and a multipurpose playground on its opposite wider plane, it is used as 1/2 sized hockey playground during the winter period.

The circular rooftop is concieved as an athletics running track.

Project specifications:

Apartments: 363

Apartmentypes: 13

Parking: 160 cars




block composition/urban corner variations/typology

classic city block similar corners, and GEOME3 block/fig.1/

similar urban corner condition, against 1 of 256 possible GEOME3 city variants/fig.2/

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