“TRIBUNE”, Betonhala waterfront center Belgrad , competition 2011

the scope of TRIBUNE is to use the opportunity of the Sava riverbank, in order to create an additional event plaza. Instead of a common urban building collection with a promenade, our proposal engage the pedestrians to perform within  the “architectural” landscape.

TRIBUNE rises upon the Beton Hala as a 3Dimensional square, covering the planned program activities.

Similar to the world’s oldest purpose-built shopping mall, Trajan’s Market /Rome AD 100-110/

which anticipated an extensive program cluster of shops and administrative offices, inside a multi-level structure, of which several level are still accessible for visitors.

We suggest a contemporary temple of culture and market areas. A modern interpretation of classical architectural order,  rough and complex tympanum/pediment/, a logical addition to the modern arcades of existing Beton Hala.


Through cascade ascending of exhibition and shopping areas towards the hill, TRIBUNE mezzanines and overlooks are natural visual linking  the  floor levels for all the visitors.

The stacking of exhibition volumes creates up to a 12 m exhibition hall a vast entrance area for contemporary art.

On top of each of the gallery boxes and shopping areas, are formed roof terraces providing space for outdoor displays and activities.

The expo areas of the building connects with the shopping activities  by a passageway. It orchestrates surprising encounters of gallery spaces & shopping areas, that lead the visitor, as if by chance, to the rest of the museum complex, or the museums partner, the contemporary “venture” of congestion.

By a future funicular and pedestrian tubular bridge, joining the Beton Hala addition, we are connecting the Belgrade Fortress, Kalemegdan Park with the Sava riverbank,

As an unification of three urban levels, TRIBUNE is a singular urban addition to the audience of Sava river spectacles.

program: 11 700 m²

>exhibition 4500 m²

>shopping 5400 m²

>technical/storage 1800 m²

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