Robota’s GEOME3 housing block is now presented among other 173 projects at the LIVING exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art/DK/opening June 1st-closing October 2nd

An endless number of different
cities can be built by simply replacing
blocks with others.
In the Block City the products of the Designer City are
made affordable for a larger audience: the growing
middle class in developing countries. Architects, knowing
they can realize their project on more then one site,
are able to spend more time on research and development.
Increasingly sophisticared technologies can be
applied, tested and improved. Well designed projects
will be repeated at the cost of poorly designed ones.
Urban development will become a fast and predictable
process, where Block City projects can be applied immediately
while tailor made designs are developed for
specific sites. Moreover, since block sizes are known in
advance, development of housing blocks can start before masterplanning has been completed, reducing development time dramatically.
The A101 Block City competition, organized for the
Masshtab corporation in Moscow, envisioned the creation
of a new city of 40.000 inhabitants near Moscow.
The masterplan brief demanded that 80% of
blocks have standard sizes. Four international architectural
practices took part in a closed competition. Simultanously,
an open competition for the design of the
blocks was organized. 210 architects from 20 countries
took part – 147 projects are shown in this exhibition.
They are presented here in the form of a catalogue
from which and endless number of different cities
can be built by simple replacing blocks with others.

Bart Goldhoorn

Chief Editor of the “Russia project” magazine/competition organizer

A seminar about: the BLOCK CITY idea and the typology of the housing projects, will take place  at the closing date of the exhibition on Sunday October 2nd at the LOUISIANA MUSEUM LIVING EXPOSITION

Some models are standing in a large (3,5 x 2,5 m) model in the middle of the room. The idea is that you can build your own city by exchanging models with the ones that are standing on the shelves.

Come, enjoy & create!

GEOME3/A101 Block city Moscow RU, competition 2010

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