THYSSENKRUPP disaster prevention and education centre >SYNERGY< , TURKEY, competition 2011

>architecture and urbanism
A basic Cartesian building is suddenly animated by internal program event, its evidence on the facade observe
a new status of synergy, almost as if natural forces become managed by human construction skills of the 21.
It simple yet complex appearance contributes to awareness of natural causality yet becomes a playful attribute to Istanbul’s awaking suburbia.
A generally homogeneous building , with its significant shifting silhouette, captures its visitors and exterior
observer attentions. A new urbanity for its neighbors, alters the surrounding panorama.
The main entrance of the IDPEC follows from the northern new proposed road of the future urban planning.
Centered inside the own platform/grid/, building performs as an urban anchor for its upcoming neighborhood

>program flow
By intention for understanding and exploring its structural complexity the visitor is propelled on the facade by
two panoramic elevators into the top sky level inside the clouds fire fighting practice and rainstorm simulation.
He descends by escalators through the inner core experiencing the vast program clusters of the building interior.
Each visitor is able to adjust his parkoure up to personal specifics. The interiors media-walls are ready for
constant suggestions, no matter your location, your program follows you till the ultimate objective.
The planetarium is consciously balanced on the building edge structure. The “planets” peripheral ring serves
the panoramic restaurant adjacent to the central library. Here you can overlook the momentary congress hall
events or continue in your educative journey. Congress has a moving floor enabling also a possible flat floor
program arrangement.
On the first floor children playhouse attributes to education of the youngest center visitors.
from the entrance hall “orientation stage” with exposition area, is direct access to the separate adjacent buildings, the shelter and on the opposite side the earthquake simulators.
Office spaces are crowning the tower, with a central atrium. Below the office cluster the technical machine room is located with supporting mechanism direct to specific program events underneath Parking area of 200cars is covered by a vegetal grid canopy.

>structure, sustainability,
the building as a 3d structural steel and concrete grid performs as gigantic vierendel truss reinforced by two
vertical cores, and horizontal floor beams of 3x3m structural size. The construction foundations are designed
to the site specific earthquake requirements.
The building structural facade system, modular composit of pre cast super lightweight concrete panels alternated
with glass modules, stimulates the natural ventilation supported by the air conditional system in a most efficient
way to accumulate the heat in winter period, and perform cooling in the hot summer time.
Facades permanent protective, self-cleaning coating, leads to maintenance cost reduction – up to 80% volume
reduction in water for cleaning activities – up to 80% reduction in chemical products.
Dirt is destroyed with the sun light and is removed by rain. The facade Photocalyst enables Air purification:
1m² produces 20m3 of purifying air per hour decomposing NOxS and VOCS with Long term ecological and
economical benefits.
The aim of the building itself, is not only to be representative of disaster prevention, it includes importance of
its own implication for our more sustainable future.


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