ROBOTA award winning Piraeus Cultural Coast – Museum of Underwater Antiquities, Greece, competition 2013

The entire museum exhibition program fits into silo’s tubular superstructure. To interfere with the silo’s vertical structured space, we propose its horizontal counterpart, in from of wall to wall traverses.
They are room components of 5, 10, and 15 meter height. Almost temples alike inside the silo grid, the museum traverses announce the visitor through space alteration a new programmatic display or event performance.
Amphitheaters, floating vessels, large screen projections, or sound illusions. By simple vertical shuffle of the traverses, the interior becomes an elusive diversity for visitors grading spatial encounters.

The ramps guarantee a smooth descending through the building. By following the thematic axes, the visitors are brought to the daylight by ramps occasionally cantilevered off the museum volume. Almost like swimming in the sea, in order to get the visitor a swift breath of panoramic Piraeus experience on different building levels, and dive back again into waters of exposition discovery.
They are the only new evident elements seen from a distance perspective.

>Pool & Diving
Once arrived to the exhibition start top roof level. The”1st element” water, sea blue luminescent twin pool dominates the visitor’s attention.
One side devoted to visitors to swim on the roof of the ancient silo building. The other side for the diving school experience, literally into the museums space.
The diver immerses into the treasure chamber of a 30 meter deep museum space. Observed and observing, an underwater journey, accompanied into the descending museum levels by light of the true sea blue color.


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