Taichung city cultural centre, GATE, Taichung,ch, competition 2013

According to the program brief we imagine two buildings, bridging over the park entrance.

Like a modern time crown tree alley.

Separated, yet forming a commune space. Two “houses”, grown into one, in a dialogue of form and function, two components inevitably close in universe of mankind.


A grading experience of art and knowledge, converge into one commune shelter. In-between those two institutions a bright sheltered event plaza, acts as a covered expansion to the urban Park Avenue.


The building, composed of volumes as “Stairs of knowledge” in domain of art and reading experience, step by step, propels the spectator to higher level of his perception.

The project itself  forms “the gate” to the vast open Taichung Gateway Park.robota_TPLAM_entrance gate 1robota_TPLAM_program

The art museum and library, connects on special floors and opens up to discourse of those two elements. Visitor can decide to switch inside the building, and enter gallery space from art section in library, and the other way around, leaving exhibition and continue in the library experience.

By discovering, emerging of the ground the visitor is led up to the rooftop garden level of atriums, forming lighthouses, insolating museum and library floors with meridian light from top of the building.


The project uses large column free platforms as like for the library and for the exhibition areas.

Varying of height, it enables to create enough space for any type of exhibition, including XXL to XXS vitrines of exposed material.

The vast library space is carefully divided into large and more private study areas


robota_TPLAM_axo library1_

robota_TPLAM_axo museum1_Visitors flow

By entering the two buildings from the ground floor plaza, the visitor can decide to rise up to the top floor by elevator and then descending through the platforms to the start of the tour, or he can use escalators moving up discovering one by one the building programmatically altering podiums.

Thanks to the simple orientation, and the building connectivity, the library visitor is enjoying also parts of the gallery experience.

Equally on the other hand, he is able to move in to the library space from exhibition area.

A ticket pass for the exhibition, allows the visitor a fusion in between discovering the two institutions on commune floors of the project.

The employees are directly linked by stuff elevators to their protected working areas.


robota_TPLAM_axo library circulation_robota_TPLAM_axo museum circulation_

Urbanism/ sheltered plaza

The project emerges from the competition brief constraints; it follows the prescribed height and ground limits. By creating a covered urban plaza extending the programmed pedestrian Park Avenue, it is virtually steering the visitors into the Taichung Gateway Park experience. Without imposing itself or hiding off the urban pedestrian flow experience.

The plaza can serve for commune activities, as concerts, open reading session, art venues; it isrobota_TPLAM_event plazarobota_TPLAM_01 the main Park gate, inviting pedestrians to a different level of urban experience.





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