Seaway, Mission Bay, San Francisco, competition 2013

Instead of proposing an addition garden facility to town we propose to add a
different dimension to the entire mission bay.
San Francisco history has been always shaped by element of water, it become
a social visionary town constantly in progress. Why not raising the bar, for the
sixth most visited town in United States.
We imagine an activity ring= seaway, where a former Naval Shipyard and the
new developing district becomes an integrated vibrant neighborhood.
Water, as a connector of a new city experience.
Water as an active counterpart to the changing city. The city becomes
spectator to performances of the SEAWAY voyager.
Water ringroad/length=2508m/8228ft/ connecting the new residential district
with the mission bay campus area and commercial district.

robota_san francisco_seaway_canal
the project area consists of a new hub of bays>>
ARTS BAY rainbow museum with art gardens
THEATRE BAY floating theatre stage
BEACH BAY aleisure garden with sport activities and a ring pool
GARDEN BAY botanical floating gardensrobota_san francisco_seaway plan1
We propose a car free water ring, where people can rent boats or use water
taxi from the station to reach their destination inside the new master plan area
Originally a large marshy wetland the area was the site of port settlement and
robota_san francisco_seaway planPlanners envision the area as a new site for large residential and retail
development served by a new kind of public open space, the Seaway.
The Seaway Park design equally values the aesthetic, programmatic, and
productive importance of treating contaminated water flowing into Mission
Creek. The park is designed as a working landscape that improves the
environment of the canal over time. This innovative plan proposes strategies
to divert excess storm water run-off for use in the public park along the
canal, reducing the input of rain water into the sewer system. The plants and
engineered soils included in our design draw heavy metals and biological
toxins out of contaminated water. Proposed new system incorporate a mixture
of aquatic organisms that absorb or break down organic toxins, heavy metals,
and biological contaminants from sewage.robota_san francisco_seaway_project
The design also recognizes the cultural context of of current and future
resources by linking green sites, recreational areas and neighbourhood
facilities, including the Old Pier, the new Mariposa Park, Mission Bay
Commons Park, Mission Bay kids Park and the historical waterfront itself.
The plan calls for a derelict industrial structure with tremendous architectural
character located at the geographic heart of San Francisco Bay to be
revisioned as cultural amenity with exhibition, performance space and offices
for community groups.


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