ROBOTA is a multidisciplinary architecture office established in Paris/France and
Bratislava/Slovak Republic in the year 2001, supervised by its principals Maria Derevencova and Martin Gallovsky.

Since the beginning, we care for a bright and skilful team of architects, urban, interior and
graphic designers supported by professionals in domains of technology and sustainability.

As ROBOTA, Maria Derevencova and Martin Gallovsky achieved honourable mentions
in projects of a new strategic transformation of exposition areal INCHEBA in Bratislava,
Slovak Republic and international architecture competition for Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem/Izrael.

Finalist in Design as Reform competition  AXIOM MOSQUE/Dubai, and HBBX Brooklyn bridge competion/NY.

Before founding ROBOTA, Maria Derevencova and Martin Gallovsky joined as
project architects, international acknowledged architectural practices.

In Netherlands, Office for Metropolitan Architecture OMA/Rem Koolhaas, contributing
to important architectural and urban projects like Dubai Renaissance/UAE , Gazprom
headquarters/Russia, New Headquarters for N.M.Rothschild & Son/UK; as for projects
Riga masterplan/ Latvia, and Riga CAM /Contemporary Art Museum/, Latvia.

In France, AAUPC, Agence D’Architecture et d’urbanisme Patrick Chavannes, Paris
Maria Derevencova and Martin Gallovsky were in charge of projects for «World Trade Center»
Zone Nord Aéroport/Nice, Zone Aéroport/Mandelieu, Cannes, landing prizes for large scale
urban projects in China, Tangshan southlake parc, 2nd prize, and Tangshan Economical
Development Area,CBD/ Central Business District Tangshan, China, 2nd prize.


2010 Mosque /Design as Reform/Dubai UAE, 2nd round finalist
2010 HBBX Brooklyn bridge/New York USA, jury award
2009 Museum of Polish History/Warsaw PL
2009 National Museum Vestbanen /Oslo SE
2008 A new arts centre/theatre building in Sundsvall competition
2007 Devinska cesta casa/Bratislava SK
2006 Incheba expo areal /Bratislava SK 3rd prize
2006 Bezalel Academy of arts/Jerusalem IL, honourable mention
2004 Cerven case study/Orava SK
2004 FilipMarcelaIgor apartment/Bratislava SK
2004 Slovak national gallery /Bratislava SK
2003 OskarMartinaTomas konceptbyt/Bratislava SK
2002 Fun o 5, RADIO STATION/Bratislava SK

OMA, Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Rotterdam

New Headquarters for N.M.Rothschild & Son, UK
Gazprom headquarters, Russia
Dubai Renaissance, UAE
RAK Congress center, UAE
RAK masterplan, UAE
RAK Jebel Al Jais Mountain Resort, UAE
The Gulf Bienale Venice 2006
Guangzhou underground, China
Riga masterplan, Latvia
Riga CAM contemporary art museum, Latvia
Abuja AIST / African Institute of Science and Technology /Nigeria
Reykjavik masterplan
Mercati Generali, Italy

AAUPC, Agence D’Architecture et d’urbanisme Patrick Chavannes,Paris

«World Trade Center» Zone Nord Aéroport, Nice
Zone Aéroport, Mandelieu, Cannes
Aménagement des anciens terrains Renault,
Secteur de la Rive de Billancourt; Paris
ZAC des Grisettes Montpelier
TGV Saint Etienne
Espritmaisons Laon
TGV Saint Malo, 1nd prize
Shijiazhoung masterplan
Tjanjin nouveau CBD
Tangshan southlake parc, 2nd prize
Masterplan nouveau CBD/
Central Business District Tangshan, China, 2nd prize
Tangshan Economical Development Area,CBD/
Central Business District Tangshan, China,2nd prize

AABH, Association of Architectects Bernard Henry, Lille

Bibliothèque USTL, Lille

TEAM/Architects, Urban planners & Graphic designers/

Sandrine Bergerot
Jan Kudlicka
Luisa Held
Guillermo Gonzales Gutierrez
Claudia Leone

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