GEOME3/A101 Block city Moscow RU, competition 2010

the cityscape is formed by various elements, the GEOME3 proposal is a micro city arranged by almost elementar architectural geometry, present in cities worldwide. block, slab and tower: Square/solidity, stability, trust /, Circle/infinity, perfection, harmony/, Point /dynamism, significance for orientation/ are forming the block of the new century. Renaissance/orthogonal/, Baroque/oblique/, Gothic/vertical/ united in the basics … Continue reading

BENETTON Headquarters , Tehran Iran, competition 2009

“Carpet-weaving is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian culture and art, and dates back to ancient Persia. In 2008, Iran’s export of hand-woven carpets was $420 million. There is an estimated population of 1.2 million weavers in Iran producing carpets for domestic markets and international export. In recent times Iranian carpets have … Continue reading

CHICAGO Sea of holes/Mine the gap competition

In Chicago, yet another real-estate megalo-vision falls victim to the “crisis” and leaves behind nothing but a hole in the ground. But this hole is not alone. All over the world, the collection of cancelled projects is growing larger week. Architectural history itself consists widely of “holes”, virtual buildings that never saw the light of … Continue reading

Axiom MOSQUE/design as reform competition, 2nd round finalist 2010

Axiom of unity: Islamic architecture heavily depends on engineering and aesthetic principles. ROBOTA propose an “open dome” defined only by its developing columns. Pillars, as symbols of world of religion, and significant structural elements of architecture. At the early stages of mosque architecture, columns had been built by using the trunks of palm trees. In … Continue reading

PLUG-IN CARGO, fashion museum Omotesando Tokyo JA, competition 2010

In an ideal city of innovations under a perpetual change, a “coat/cargo-rack” emerges as resonance to Tange’s, Kurokawa’s, Kikutake’s metabolist city. The “PLUG IN” museum consists of several fixed exposition levels, inside an autonomous vertical self bearing structure. Its “cladding”, a basic sized 2,4/12,5m Cargo containers, self-sufficient, each with different functions of use, are free … Continue reading

MIRRAGE_HBBX Bronx Bridge NY, competition, Jury’s special selection 2010

ROBOTA proposed a new step in the evolution of the High Bridge. Simply by adding of the exact mirrored volume of the existing High Bridge, on top of its structure, we create a “one” entire object, where the “new” corresponds to the values of its engineered predecessor, by adding  skills of the following century. The … Continue reading

SPORTS BASTION, Fort Tilden Field House, competition 2010

  Sports are about discipline courage and modesty, almost military conditions. We imagine a Sports-bastion of fitness and relaxation, ready to be conquered. The scheme is a simple “terraced roof”, driven from program constraints, where the seating area almost equalled the prescribed building program surface area. Our proposal is a continuous loop of sport … Continue reading