PLUG-IN CARGO, fashion museum Omotesando Tokyo JA, competition 2010

In an ideal city of innovations under a perpetual change, a “coat/cargo-rack” emerges as resonance to Tange’s, Kurokawa’s, Kikutake’s metabolist city. The “PLUG IN” museum consists of several fixed exposition levels, inside an autonomous vertical self bearing structure. Its “cladding”, a basic sized 2,4/12,5m Cargo containers, self-sufficient, each with different functions of use, are free … Continue reading

MIRRAGE_HBBX Bronx Bridge NY, competition, Jury’s special selection 2010

ROBOTA proposed a new step in the evolution of the High Bridge. Simply by adding of the exact mirrored volume of the existing High Bridge, on top of its structure, we create a “one” entire object, where the “new” corresponds to the values of its engineered predecessor, by adding  skills of the following century. The … Continue reading

SPORTS BASTION, Fort Tilden Field House, competition 2010

  Sports are about discipline courage and modesty, almost military conditions. We imagine a Sports-bastion of fitness and relaxation, ready to be conquered. The scheme is a simple “terraced roof”, driven from program constraints, where the seating area almost equalled the prescribed building program surface area. Our proposal is a continuous loop of sport … Continue reading