ZGP gallery Plzen CZ, competition 2009

The competition plot area, is the main entrance gate to the Plzen city. In the same time, it is an equivalent of an deserted island, stranded phantom parking, just captured inside the anticipated local tram traffic loop of its less significant urban surrounds. In order to delineate the  urban character of the ZGP, our proposal … Continue reading


20 AFTER 20 CZ-SK / DVACET PO DVACETI CZ-SK Czech-slovak exhibition presenting the creative approach and the way of thinking of young architects. The project introduced 20 Czech and 20 Slovak architects and studios, whose origins are dated in the year 1989 and later. Instead of a conventional project presentation, the real works were shown – … Continue reading

BENETTON Headquarters , Tehran Iran, competition 2009

“Carpet-weaving is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian culture and art, and dates back to ancient Persia. In 2008, Iran’s export of hand-woven carpets was $420 million. There is an estimated population of 1.2 million weavers in Iran producing carpets for domestic markets and international export. In recent times Iranian carpets have … Continue reading