DUBAI RACING WORLD, urban study, UAE 2005


A city for 150 000 inhabitants.

City/ architecture/ joy/ illusion/ formality?

Formula 1 racing tracks city.

Urban utopias of future, has been always connected to industrial progress of society. Since the invention of car, we struggle with urban euphoria of speed, time and accessibility.

We propose a city, where transport is senseless; we don’t leave the beloved city, where driving is just symbolic.

Driving becomes one of the delights of a city/state/country with a unique concentration of world’s fastest cars ever.

In desert, the structure creates shelters to its interior vegetal universe. On sea, like nowadays synthetic island still life, it protects against coastal recession.

The world’s fastest electric car/334km/h/ was built in 2009.

Importance relies in oportunity to use our toys.

Project: urban study

Year: 2005

Program: city for 150 000 inhabitants.

Client: UAE n/a

Transport driven utopias

Giacomo Mattè Trucco Fiat factory /Livorno, IT 1922/ vs. Le Corbusier Plan Obus, /Algeria 1930/

high speed limits around the world

“Kimi kids” Dubai

Worlds Grand Prix racetracks

1kmx1km urban grid/program diversity/core distribution/ horizotal podcar-transport

Tout ce qu’un homme est capable d’imaginer, d’autres hommes seront capables de le réaliser.
Jules Verne

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