STVANICE, island of sports & recreation “NEVERLAND”, PRAGUE cz, competition 2013


In the 21st century we may argue the effectiveness of city’s urbanization efforts. In most cases, the landscape as well as the character of the town succumbs to their higher principles occupants.

How can developments, however, create a paradox, where the original green landscape remains an equal partner with mutual battle for prestige?
Our project sees the city and the country as an equal opponent.
Štvanice as not conquered by new urban construction, just copying their surroundings, and vice versa. Landscape, which isn’t limiting the city in its search of islands feasibility.
robota_stvanice 0005

121217_stv_sirsie vztahy.pdfThe island not-island, a programmatic infrastructure, a connector of town and islands landscape.

_121217_stv_povodnova zona_textDue to frequent floods, we suggest that the island stays vacant.
The island is purely a culture of body and spirit. “Bridges’ proposed objects that unify the island with the city of are its financial security. Their lease and functional content / amenities, residential and office space / operation ensure the islands affordability of sport areas to the general public, citizens and visitors of Prague.

The project sees the city as a bastion of civilization, opening his castle gates. Using his «urban vocabular» / objects in the form of program bridges / discovers the islands odd new world. The island is not occupied or surrounded, new architecture retains its original natural character.
robota_stvanice 0007robota_stvanice Old London BridgeThe old-new typology / Ponte Vechio, London bridge, Paris / Ponte Neuf, Krumlov …. /, is the active connection to the town.
Štvanice becomes a dynamic involvement of city and nature. So far Neutral Zone of sports recreation program is finally becoming a part of Prague, in its total area.

robota_stvanice ortofoto_sNew objects and their actors’ are literally a foot in the city and other on the island.

robota_stvanice stvorenie_The wildlife dream on the island in the city center is becoming a rare reality…









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